Two people are discussing why one of them is refusing the other's offer.
A: "Now in what passes for your mind the only conceivable reason I wouldn't accept it is that my wife might find out about it. And if I don't worry about that, I'll jump at it."
B: "I don't want to make too big a thing of it."
A: "But there isn't any other reason I wouldn't do it."
B: "Than her finding out? I doubt it."
A: "My feeling for her would of course not stop me."

How would you paraphrase this dialogue? Would the following somehow be a rephrase of the above dialogue? The reason I'm posting this question is I can't see why A says "But there isn't any other reason I wouldn't do it" after A says his first utterance of "Now ... I'll jump at it." I paraphrased it with the following to see if it helps me make sense out of it.

A: In whoever's mind that could possibly at least function as such, there would be no other reason I wouldn't accept it than because my wife might find out on it. If I don't worry about her finding, I'll take your offer.
B: I want this offer to be no big deal.
A: I 'would' accept it.
B: Except she might find out about it? I don't think so.

A: I don't love her so much as to stop myself.
in what passes for your mind = in your very small and useless mind.

The rest of your dialogue confuses me. It would be better simply to underline the original phrases which you do not understand.
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Thanks, MM. I was about to edit my post, crossing 'out of it' out of 'make sense out of it,' when you answered.

I was thinking A thought B did not think the possibility that A's wife might find out is the reason. But A thinks B thinks so, right? If it is right, the rest of my paraphrase does not matter. I thought A thought it would be rediculous B might think so.

Thanks, MM! Hope the rest of the three day weekend will be good for you.

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Thanks... except that I worked Saturday and today. I hope you fared better.