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Sweet Sound Of 80s Rock

Let me rev-up my hungry heart

and turn on 80s Rock for a start.

It is time to dance with the beat

and go with the flow, oh so sweet!

I kiss life with a passion

hearing music from the Rocking Eighties

as I live to feel my reaction

of sensations from head to toe that agrees.

Let me hear the singer's voice

and all their passionate and truthful words

to show why I chose 80s Rock to rejoice

as I fly high in emotional release without words.

I will be upbeat to the 80s Rock of boldness

and know how much I can be so relentless

when I become the man so fearless

when others watch me get high regardless

if they think I have gone senseless!


There are many types of poetry.For example there is Dramatic, Narrative and Lyrical. When i think of poems i ussually think of of lots of words rhyming.Poetry has a lot of Imagination and emotion. Each line of poetry is called a verse.
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When your soul bleeds ink

Poetry is the way no-talent, semi-literate cretins try to make us suffer as much as they do. OK, that might be a bit too negative. Only most poetry is that. Then there's Shelley. Word music. Architecture with thought instead of stone.