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what is poetry? Please provide definition to begiven to ESL young learners.
A poem is composition which conveys experiences, ideas, or emotions in a vivid and imaginative way. Poetry is a form of literature where u study about poets and their poems.It is not necessary that all poems have rhyme.They are called free verses. Some poems have metre, rhyme and metaphor too.And not all poets use imagery.

I would say that words put together in sentences which sound beautiful to the reader and have some kind of meaning or message in it or just captures the poet's emotions or imagination is poetry.
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The poetry I write is an extension of myself. It is how I help myself deal with the good and the bad in every day. My escape sometimes.

Poetry is like a mini story, sometimes with many layers in just afew words. It is the poets feeling or observations put in to words and when we are lucky the poet shares them with us.

poetry is the abiliy to express how you feel through writing. it is like music, and spoken word. it is expressing how you feel, in a way so that others may understand too.
For me, poetry is the expression of one's self in being a human......expressing your deep thoughts and emotions.

-------------Reniel M. Argente IV-2 AMOS of Rizal High School, Caniogan, Pasig City, M.M., Philippines, 1600
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Aristocles wrote the following post at 10-09-2004 2:30 PM:

"Poems are slums of word assembled together illogically that expresses the writers' feeling and confuses the readers' brain. --- that's my point of view when i see poems, mostly old-fashioned, that i don't understand. Yet, those poems are always considered as 'famous' and 'valuable' when I don't see how valuable they are... probably I'm need some literatural educations.".

I know exactly how you feel , I often feel that way too. Some poets just throw words on paper the way some artists throw paint on canvas and then ride a bicycle over it! It makes no sense to anyone even the poet, but educationalists, philosophers and critics like to employ themselves in useless and eternal discussions on the significance and underlying meanings, insisting the symbolism and weight of a poem, when there is nothing there to begin with. (the Emperor's new clothes). Its like seeing pictures in fire, you make what you want out of the flames and sparks, but don't ask the poet, the poet is dead and he/she didn't know what he/she was writing about anyway.

Good poetry is something everyone can enjoy.

There should be no snobbery about poetry, there should be no elitism. The classical poets were no better than poets of today Whether a poem is written in old English by Christopher Marlowe, Scottish by Robert Burns, or today's vernacular by Philip Larkin, it has no merit if it cannot be understood. And the people who say they can understand undecipherable rubbish are more to be pitied than laughed at.
Poetry is real magic, it takes you away from the afflictions of life into wonder land, yes, really. Besides, if it wasn't for poetry, I would have been dead by now, it helps me alot...
it's talking about your pain in a very nice words
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g'day nicholetta

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