"Uncle Phil picked up a station from Oklahoma in his teeth"

Does this mean he tried hard to pick up the station all the way from Oklahoma?


HSS"Uncle Phil picked up a station from Oklahoma in his teeth"
With just the given context my guess is that this refers to the (probably apocryphal) stories of people with certain kinds of dental work being able receive radio stations "with their teeth" or "in their teeth.'
Have a look at this site: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=367925
Thanks. The following is an excerpt from the novelization of "My Girl" that I'm reading. Please take a look at

My Uncle fought in some war somewhere, and he had a steel plate put in his head. Dad says he's never been the same since. I wouldn't know, because he's always been the same to me. One night Uncle Phil said he picked up a radio station from Oklahoma in his teeth. That must have been really neat.
( Here is a script I found online. Only it is in a script form for a drama or something: My Girl )

I figured it out myself to some extent, I think. The meaning is what it says literally --- he caught the station in his teeth, or with his teeth resonating with its signal, isn't it? Initially I thought "in his teeth" was an idiomatic expressio or something.

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