Mr Barack Obama gave his inauguration speech (or inaugural speech) in Washington today.

How I am supposed to say?

You can say it either way. I recommend you use the adjectival form (inaugural speech).

magixoIs that a kind of difference between American and British English?
No. Both varieties of English accept both ways of expressing that idea.

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Thank you very much for your answer. It seems to me the British would rather use a noun-plus-noun combination instead of adjective plus noun. You can see the link:


Phrases like: inauguration ceremony and inauguration speech are very common in the text. Is that a kind of difference between American and British English?

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In Inauguration Speech is an event
In Inaugural Speech is someones first speech in office.

So i choosing which word to you use you must first decide whether we're talking about the event or his speech surely?
My 2p

There's an element of truth in that, but you are trying to find a difference where native speakers would usually not see one.

Best wishes, Clive