Ok, this is probably a very stupid question with a very simple answer. Should I say.....Our solutions include consulting, project management, and development, or should I say.....Our solutions includes consulting......"? What's the difference between the two?
It should be "include", because the subject is "solutions".

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Say Our solutions include because the subject is plural.

It's the same as why we say 'they cook dinner' and not 'they cooks dinner'.

Best wishes, Clive
Thanks Clive. I appreciate your help!
I just realized that there is a prepositional phrase involved. The sentence is Our portfolio of solutions includes project management, consulting.....

Is it still correct to use includes since it refers back to the portfolio which is singular?
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Hello Dodwell

In that case, you would say:

"Our portfolio of solutions includes consulting, project management, and development."


Thank you for your help!
I have a quesiton using include for the following sentence...

Our 36,000 square feet of meeting and banquet space include(s) the city's largest exhibition hall.

I think the correct one is includes. space is plural and exhibition hall is singular... but i'm confused which one effects the the spealling of include???
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meeting and banquet space is singular.

meeting and banquet is modifying space (the real noun in this sentence) its telling you what the space is used for: meetings and banquets
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