Do not borrow money from others including your friend and family.

Is above sentence right?
I would rephrase it:

Do not borrow money from others, even from your friends or family.
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Thanks Mr Micawber,

I want ask about the example of sentence which use "including"?
Here are ten:


The pair disagrees about nearly everything including fashion, men, and Lindsay' s passion to join a rock band.

Students choose their own mentor after reviewing biographical sketches online including visuals prepared by the adult volunteers willing to dialogue with them.

All adolescents should be involved in reverse mentoring, including those living in hierarchical cultures where adults prefer the traditional bases for status

Write a description of the experience, including all the details you can recall.

The targets of students' disclosure, including family, friends from home, friends at school, and professionals at school also

Increased academic responsibilities of college life may also create stress, including increased course load expectations and growing financial obligations

A second analysis using an ANOVA was used to address Professionals from school including faculty and staff as the dependent variable by first-generation status and ethnicity to assess for

such future research would have implications for college personnel including faculty and staff, and admissions and counseling service personnel.

Few have looked at factors that influence substance use among adolescents including environmental factors such as social support.

internationally in the past two decades , including Spain (e. g., Lila &; Gracia, 2005).
forlanI want to ask about the example of the sentence which use "including"?
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