I have brought very tricky sentences for me not to easily analyze, so I seriously need your help. 1. "Including me, 5 men like you".2. "5 men, including me, like you" 3. "5 men including me like you". I think this is the last question related to this grammar so I want you to tell me how you think about it. I think the meaning of the three sentences is the same but I do not know exactly, so please tell me how you think about it.
I don't think so.
At first this looks quite tricky, but I think '2' and '3' is incorrect. '3' is the one I would use. '1' is structurally correct. Whereas the other two has too many commas or no commas to pause. Hope this helps
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Kwang Hee Han,

Before you try to ask the forum if your sentence is correct, or to analyze it, you need to ask yourself this very basic question: " Is this a sentence?".
Kwang Hee Han"Including me, 5 men like you".2. "5 men, including me, like you" 3. "5 men including me like you".
Including me - is an adverbial phrase that typically modifies the main clause. None of the above is a sentence. They are fragmented phrases with no defined meanings because they lack a verb and a context. To make it a meaningful sentence,
you need something like this:
There are five men competing for the same job, including me..... (like you -has no apparent meaning here)
Including me, there are five people so far already signed up for the Las Vegas trip
Dimsum, I think you have misinterpreted the intent (as I did on my first reading). This sentence is not about five men (including the speaker) who are like the listener. It's saying "Five men, including me, are fond of you." It is a complete sentence, with "like" serving as the verb.
Uuuh! Thanks Khoff. Got you. My ooops!
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Thanks for helping me to all, but I still do not know yet. Could anyone give me more opinions about that.