When I write an email, I'll address the email using that persons name. ie: "Dear Mark,", yet never repeat their name again in the correspondence believing they know I'm talking to them. One of my business associates repeats my name in a manner that seems to be insulting or demeaning especially when we are discussing a tenuous point. ie: "I’m just trying to work a solution Tom that you agree with and the entire board agrees with." This style comes across as a style to control the conversation and position oneself in an authoritative manner. Am I misreading this? So far, I've ignore it, yet don't like it.


I'd find it annoying, too.


I agree with you. It's interesting that you noticed it, really, considering your English isn't native.

In Spanish, especially in Mexico, people use the names of those with whom they are speaking, but no such connotation is intended. It's just a habit. As I became fluent in Spanish, I was struck by this habit, but it's obvious that there is no malintent.

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I am also irritated when people address my by my registered forename as if they knew me. My username here is composed of two names people know/have known me by, and my 'official' forename. When people address me as 'Jon', they reveal immediately that they have researched me somewhere, and are trying to be informal/matey/whatever. If they repeat it in the way bee chalk mentioned, I feel quite angry. I have been known to interrupt them quite forcefully with "If you feel that it's important for you to keep using my first name, please note that it 's Jed!"

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