Hi guys. It seems like it is redundant, but I don't know.

Increasingly more people are purchasing smart phones.

Is "increasingly" & "more" redundant?

I am trying to say that, "more and more people are_____blank", but make it more formal.

Thanks in advance.
It does seem not quite right..
There is nothing wrong with 'more and more' in formal writing.

Native writers do "increasingly more", and I've always wondered what they were thinking when they used such an awkward phrasing. Thanks for the insight. Whether it is redundant or not, and it is, and that's not all, it calls attention to itself and thereby draws attention away from the communication intended. It tripped you and me up.

"More people than ever are buying widgets." "More and more people are buying widgets." "The number of people buying widgets is climbing like a monkey on a coconut palm with its tail on fire." You could get creative.
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It doesn't seem grammatically correct, but it does have a slightly different meaning to 'more and more.' It suggest that the amount of people is growing, rather than only showing the amount.

It's a weird phrase that I know I use when speaking but in print it just doesn't sound write (native speaker).

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Anonymousin print it just doesn't sound write right (native speaker).

? You're listening to the print? Emotion: smile


I think it's not technically redundant (if you put a comma after "increasingly") because there are two "increasing" items:

1. A greater number of people ("more") are purchasing smartphones. In other words, more people are purchasing smartphones today than were purchasing them yesterday. "More people are purchasing smartphones" is retrospective in that it means people were purchasing fewer smartphones yesterday.

2. That trend is increasing. So the addition of "increasingly" is prospective in that it identifies a trajectory; more people purchased smartphones today than yesterday, as item 1 states, but now you have expressed a trend that anticipates an even higher number of people purchasing smartphones tomorrow.