Hi everybody,

Could you please tell me what "index pregnancy" means? Is it a part of the pregnancy period? I've found it in the sentece "Some mothers had more children during index pregnancy".

Thanks a lot in advance.

No, it isn't part of pregnancy. I couldn't make any sense of this at all but a quick google suggests that these mothers were taking part in some kind of scientific study/survey and the pregnancy being studied might be called the 'index' pregnancy. It seems to be a study/survey term rather than being directly related to mothers or pregnancy.

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Hi Nona,

The question was mine. Only after sending my message did I realize that I hadn't logged in. My apologies.

Thank you very much for your answer. I hadn't been able to find an explanation anywhere. Most likely it's as you say. Thanks a lot!
Physicians I work with say it index pregnancy means the FIRST pregnancy. This makes sense in an article I am reading. Hope it is of help.