At least 75 children have died in a school fire in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

More than 30 children were admitted to hospital suffering serious burns.

Some 200 children were said to be in the affected primary section of the school in Kumbakonam, 300km (185 miles) south-west of state capital Madras.

The fire will again raise questions of school safety - correspondents say many India schools lack even basic firefighting equipment.

If it is correct to say many India schools, you could say America schools instead of American schools and Britain schools instead of British schools.

It should be Indian schools not India schools. What do you think?

Schools in France are not France schools; they are French schools. The same goes with Switzerland. Their school are Swiss schools not Switzerland schools.
Rather informal Andrei,

I am an Indian and I would like to know if you found that in India news.

In BBC news
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'many India schools' is incorrect. It should be Indian. I suspect this is just a typo.
you right
Indian schools is the right one