Dear teachers,

Here is another problem I'm faced with would you please help me sort it out?
How would you analize the following:

Example 1: I gave my sister a cat for her birthday.

Parsing (correct ?):

I = subject
gave = ditransitive verb
my sister = indirect object
a cat = direct object
for her birthday = adverbial of purpose / time ?

Example 2: I gave a cat to my sister.

I = subject
gave = complex-transitive verb
a cat = direct object
to my sister = adverbial (??)

The pattern SVOdOi doesn't exist, doest it? (cf. Greenbaum & Quirk)
How do you pronounce "Greenbaum"? /gri:nbaum/ or /gri:nbɔ:m/ ?

Example 3: The senator asked a question of the Supreme Court Justice.

The senator = Subject
asked = Ditransitive verb or Complex-transitive verb ?
a question = Direct Object
of the Supreme Court Justice = Indirect Object or Adverbial ??

and if of the Supreme Court of Justice was an adverbial it would be an adverbial of what?

Thank you for your help.
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Hi, Paco:

Your explanation helps a lot. It solved my problem one way or the other. Thank you alot.

Hi, Paco

What is "parsing" exactly? Is it to find the nature of each sentence constituents i.e. each parts of speach, or is it to group each sentence elements togother i.e. find the different phrases that form the structure of a sentence?

All the best,


PS: Is Miriam around?
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Here by "parsing" I meant "showing the sentential structure".

Best wishes.

OK, but could it also mean finding the different parts of speech that form a sentence?

See you,

HelaOK, but could it also mean finding the different parts of speech that form a sentence?

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Thanks. Emotion: smile
HelaThanks a lot, Miriam. I don't know why I thought that the verbs withing this sentence pattern:

SVOdA = subject / verb / direct object / adverbials were also considered complex-transitive verbs. I am wrong then?

Best regards,

Miriam,are you here?I have the same question.
here are some sentence:
(1)She led me [into the drawing-room].
(2)I saw the movie [on Friday].
(3)He had a gun [with him].
(4)We had some guests [for dinner] last night.
(5)The police protect him [from being attack].
(6)We must get the rock [out of the path].
Is it possible for a Prepositional phrase to be an adverbial and object complements phrase at the same time?
A teacher of mine would consider "of the Supreme Court Justice" an adverbial adjunct of source. Hope it helps.
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