Dear Fellow Letter-Writers,

I dearly need all of you to help me write an individual sponsorship letter. I am currently interested in participating the Miss Teen International pageant for my area this fall. The only problem is that I have nearly none of the money it requires for me to pay: entry fees, evening gown, fun fashion (modeling portion of the pageant) outfit, interview outfit, althetic outfit required to obtain from, interview prep., modeling classes, make-up appliance and equipment, public speaking, platform issue training, hair-care and styling instruction, etc. I have tried to earn the money that is required of me, but find myself in a position to ask for help from individuals and companies for sponsorshipping.

This is a great help to the community and not to just self-improvement (although this program really pushes an individual to grow to their fullest potential). If I succeed in gaining the title, I will be able to reign as a representative of my area, and pursue my platform that will immense help the community of all people, all sexes, all ages and all ethnicities: How to Gain More Positive and Beneficial Energy Through Changing Lifestyles. I know that this world is running on quick-fix energy, always half awake, half alive, impatient and waiting for this mystery of energy to fill their lives so that they can become happier and live their life more fully. I have studied the topic extensively and presented it as a project in my junior year and hope to continue it more extensively as my senior project. Energy is something that can be taught, and I want to publicly speak even a few tips to help people in all communities of all types to benefit great things even from small changes in their lifestyle.

I currently have 200 dollars in personal earning to pay for this. The entry fee alone is 695 dollars, evening gowns can run from 200 to 500 dollars, fun fashion wear can run from 50 to 200 dollars, the required althetic suit is 50 dollars with shipping costs, interview suit can run from 40 to 100 dollars, interview prep is 60 dollars an hour, etc. Any of the other classes for appearance and public speaking can range from 50 dollars per an hour to more than that. I spend most of my summer preparing for this, and a large portion of it is trying to earn the money. I am willing to sacrifice all my time, but I know that I will be able to prepare so much more efficiently if I can successfully pursuade my sponsors to not only donate, but be so glad that they did and not limit themselves.

There is something in this for them as well. They can donate from their hearts all they want, but they can also buy advertisement pages on my behalf, which portion of the money will be recieved by me to pay for pageant costs. The Miss Teen International Pageant is a well-known and respected pageant industry, and even a small advertisement will get them much publicity, and will help me towards success that much more. An individual ad page is 300 dollars, a half an ad page is 150 dollars, and a sixth of an ad page is 60 dollars.

Please help me find a way to write my letter, the most I can offer you all is an acknowledgement, my remembrance of you, immense gratitude and pray so that all of lifes blessings may fall upon you!


Natalia Jones
An additional note:

It seems that I posted before signing in, so do know that I have an account: NataliaJ. Also, I do have a list of potential sponsors, so there wont be any problem with that. I gave most of the information that I plan to include in the letter, just let me know how I can place it or write it, what I can add to make the reader interested.

People that Im planning to get donations from are businesses like my dentists (who probably wouldnt mind an advertisement to take credit for my smile), Juice Plus and Sun Rider (online supplement stores that I buy from weekly), JRP (the company that holds all the make-up appliance, hair styling and modeling classes), Savvy Hair Salon (where I buy most of my hair products and my hair trims and styling), O.K. hair salon (another place I get hair-related things), The Jon Gordon Companies, Inc.(an Energy building company, he wrote books like the 10-minute energy solution and inspired my platform), Beautifully Modest (an evening gown company that I do love very much), Shades (a clothes line that I buy from online), then the rest of the list is my dads company, Henrys Food Market, and other places that I buy from for supplies.

So the letter will be targeted towards them.

Thank you so much for all your help, I cannot wait to recieve all the help I can get to get the most benefit from the letters. I know that I can not do as good of a job without your help!

Kindest Regards,

Natalia Jones
I've written a letter, please let me know any advice or changes you would recommend:

The topic is called Individual Sponsorship Letter (please proof-read, give advice)
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I am so in the same boat. My pageant is $895. I have 400. I too need help if you get any help please help me.I'm in Texas so hopefully we won't ever have to compeete against each other.