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Surprising for an island.
Well Ww, you should've written surprising for 17,500 islands. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world.Emotion: wink

Exotic? hmm for some islands, yes but Jakarta, nothing exotic about it.
Is that all? Only 17,500? I wasn't that far off was I? Emotion: wink
Jakarta is packed is it? How many people live there?
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Ww - lol. Noooo, you weren't that far off - only 17,499 islands.
yeah, packed like sardines, 10 million people give or take.
A friend of mine told me that Bali was just as someone would imagine Paradise. True, O.?
That is very true, Pieter. In Bahasa Indonesia (that's the Indonesian language), it is also called 'Pulau Dewata', which means 'Island of the Gods'.
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Rgrettably sometimes becoming the Island of the devil. I would really like to visit Indonesia once, though.
Are you referring to the Bali bombing, Pieter?
Orpheus, a question about Indonesia.
Islam is the main religion there, right?
If you have the info, how is Islam lived there? Differently than in other muslim places?
And about music, I read some hadits warning against music, that music is almost forbidden , do you have some info about the relation Indonesia-Islam-music? Thanks.
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