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Hi all,

I strongly agree with you guys that Indonesia is well known about a pool of islands. from a friend of mine said that the Chinese Indonesians is usually very rich athough they just take acount for few percentages in indonesia's population.

The Indonesia's most beautiful resort Bali used to be considered a Paradise and attracted lots of travelers from over the world, expecially Australians. Neverthless, right now, Bali turn out to be one of the most insecured places after the bomb blast on oct. 14. 2002 that killed at least 180 people there.

Bali, Bali, one of my desires!
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yeah, Chinese Indonesian is less than 10% of the whole pop. but handles 80% of the economy... pretty impressive i'd say

also, music is not that strict in indonesia, yes there's some bannings and hadits for controversial musics, (Inul maybe? lol) but generally, things are going ok, at least from now

btw, I'm chinese indonesian, but currently staying in US
Most of Indonesian people are Moslem. Actually music is not forbidden, as long as the music/song lyrics do not invite people to do something bad and useless.

Music is very popular in Indonesia. There is pop, rock, r&b, nasyid, even jazz grow so well!!!
There is a radio station in Bandung Indonesia specialized in jazz (100,4 FM KLCBS). The unique is the music is combine with information about Islam, foreign & local news, science & technology, and so on.

Once more, the music is not forbidden.
indonesia an islamic state ........
they represent an islamic weight in the world
Netherlands colonized it.....

the one that cut my heart those bad news that happened therefore the Muslim country


became controlled today for a control the missionaries and specially the Catholicism Walbrotstania and from behind them..........

Indonesia have been a target for the Portuguese crusade colonization and the English and Dutch one on the path of three centuries and half of the centuries,
And in the Second World War that Japan invaded and the nation met with from Japan a suffering that surpassed the imagination limit...And throughout the establishment of the international conferences in them they decided the christianization of the Muslims in Gawa Island the reaching their citizens are 60 million through the coming twenty years and the christianization of Indonesia all is through the coming fifty years.....
The hands that work on the announcement became not secretly totally except within the planning and the coordination and this what the things nature requires for a success and the achievement of the targets .The crusade plans intensify their activity where the Muslim abundance that the need and the poverty besiege is found

I wish that from all Muslims houses the appearances of the being affected vanish by the West as the nightclubs and drinking the forbidden intoxicants and other many.
and if Indonesia returns the Islamic state of its net.....
Oh Allah amen ...
Oh Allah amen...Oh Allah amen
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Assalamu'alaikum Noura,
Where are you come from?
Are u Indonesian?
wa alaykm asslam.... evita...for me the honour if i from indonesia......

i from the two mosques country.....i from the purest areas in the world
from saudi arabia.......
Nice to see you then, Noura.
I always want to go to Saudi Arabia.
Maybe someday, I will go for Hajj,
Wish me luck, okay!!!
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hmm..indonesia is not an islamic state..thats for sure..it is so patronising of Westerners to think that muslims are a heterogenous community...ie we all the same thinking and we flollow a rigid religon that has fixed rules about everything...
Indonesia is deeply islamic,but not in way that is recognisable to non indonesian muslims,let alone westerners..

as for music....you will properbly see more skinheads and punks in some parts of indonesia than you will in any country in the west...hehe..(im not joking!!)
popular culture proliferation of nighclubs rampant drug use,casual prostitution...have all become massive issues only in the last 10/15 years..the emergence of western social mores has unfortunately conincided with urban displacement and major economic crisis
well right now its a pretty scary place to be....
An islamic reival is thus inevitable..In a country that has changed for the worse to such an extent in such a short time...extreme measure are going to be necessary...people will realise how good life was not so long ago...their a yearning for the stability of the past..where right and wrong was much easier to distinguish..

islam is growing in appeal because it is a universal value system...javanese can no longer rely on javanese values and adat to solve the problems of modern society...in the same way many chinese in Indonesia become chrisitans ..because you can no longer worship the kitchen god in a global society.you need a point of reference for who you are and your values that is global,that wil make sense in the west or east.

the islamic reival is not extremist in th e sense they wan to blow up churches or expel the chinese ...etc...it is a grass rots movement.......the only extrmeist are puppets of the government and military who are using the guise of islamic terrorism to take away attention from governmental and military beauracrcy..
al those church burnings...anti chines riots....they were all carefully orchestrated...by the millitary.In many cases,local muslims tried to protect the churches and hteir chinese neighbours..but were prevented by armed outsiders..

my wish ..insyallah is that the chinese can work together with the muslims to restore some kind of moral order to Indonesian society....Islam is part of that,but not an exclusiv intepretation of islam which never has and never will gain any popularity in Indonesia.
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