What do you know about Indonesia? The culture and customs, typical things....
Orpheus, maybe you can help us out with this.....
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typical of Indonesia? right now, HEATTTTT! - just like Malta, Hitch. I guess the heat is spreading all over the globe. hmm, what else? excellent food!! well if you enjoy spicy food. and traffic jams everywhere (at least in Jakarta, it's the capital city where I live). a good place for shopping and CLUBBING!! We've got loads of superb cafes over here (that's what club is called here). Anyway, what do you guys know about Jakarta (or Indonesia)??
Sounds good O, do you guys shut the clubs early or are you 10am types?

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Well, actually the clubs 'shut' us at 4am, though I'd love to stay till 10!!
Here in Chile a night club is a place where you go to see a stripper. If you want to go somewhere to drink and dance, here it's called a Disco.
As for Indonesia, I know it is one of the most populated countries in the world...isn't it about 5th or 6th in the world. Surprising for an island.
I always imagine Indonesia as exotic with lovely beaches. Aren't there wonderfully carved temples there?
Disco is the 70's word for club this side of the world! Club means 'bar', 'disco', anything with music and people!
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I know, it sounded strange the first time I heard it too. Flash back from the 70's for some....though not for me....HA HA HA!Emotion: wink
When I first arrived to Chile with my limited Spanish, I remember asking a local if she wanted to go to a night club thinking of the place to dance. Imagine the look of shock on her face when to her, it sounded like I was inviting her to a strip joint......I should have invited her to a disco.....ha ha ha...learning languages is fun....
There are a few American words that spring to mind (but not forum) that have caused similar confusion..
Hitch, I love to hear those American words. Couldn't you post them somewhere?, please, please, please.

Maj: No!
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