here is a question Emotion: smile



well how about? 5 =?

what is the answer of 5 ?

(giving out the right answer soon)

Emotion: stick out tongue
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well..see ..


then, 5 = 1

Emotion: stick out tongue just a question for fun, i

think 4 3 1 2 5 is also right ,

but , the right anwser is 1 ^ ^ ^

think 4 3 1 2 5 is also right ,

sorry.i mean .4 3 2 1 5
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Emotion: tongue tied Can someone explain, please?
Yeah I agree with Pieanne,can someone explain it thoroughly? Nonsense I think.. 1=5 ok but I thought that 5= must be sth. different...
well in the beginning the riddle is that 1=5 right? well when you get to 5, 5 will have to equall 1 because thats what was already stated and the equation is flipped. it would be the same as if, 4 = 3215 3215 = 4 its the exact same thing. Its just tricky, not really sure how to give a good explanation for this. Its just something that normally you wouldnt think of.
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in one way,yeah it is true but I dunno.. It's tricky Emotion: big smile maybe I don't wanna accept this Emotion: smile
Moral of the story: Don't try to make things complicated unnecessarily... :-)
Am I supposed to see nothing but tiny squares in the question? Emotion: tongue tied
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That's what I'm wondering too.... doesn't make any sense to me
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