I should write something like this (see below) but in an informal and kind manner. Any help or correction to my draft version??
Thanks in advance

Hi George,

I am terribly sorry for your plans. Unfortunately, I already make an appointment that I cannot delay on Wednesday.
I'm sure we can get tremendous progress out of our meeting, so I hope you can arrange to be in the university on Thursday!

See you then!
Your level of informality and friendliness is good, Ignatius. I have just fixed the sentences a little:

Hi George,

I am terribly sorry about your plans. Unfortunately, I have already make an appointment on Wednesday that I cannot cancel. I'm sure we can make tremendous progress at our meeting, so I hope you can arrange to be at the university on Thursday.

See you then!

"I have already make an appointment" change make to made. It was arranged in the past not present.
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depending on how short you want it...

sorry about your plans, but im busy wednesday.
im sure our meeting will be productive, so i hope ill see you at the university on thursday!

see ya then!
i think of you are going to wirte informal mail to people you should just get a dictionary and look the proper words up in that
i was looking for the same thing
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