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Motivational Letter?

I would like someone to evaluate or review my SOP for addmission into MS program.

Be Soon Prove Wrong. What?

Be soon prove wrong. What does it mean?

Who Are The Characters In?

who are the characters in minor bird by robert frost

Is Being Harmed Vs Is Harmed?

If you feel a child or young person is being harmed or is at risk of being harmed please tell us! I saw this at the surgery when I took my soon for appointment. What is the use...

Health Management?

Hello, I'm having trouble translating a word to English. Is health management correct? I want to refer to all the practices and activities related to health on cattle, i.e. vaccination...

Merits & Demerits Of Strict?

Merits & demerits of strict disciplined

Haii Could You Explain The?

Haii Could you explain the difference between "diet quality" and "dietary quality" thank you

Help In Proofreading?

So, as of late I have been prearing to take an IELTS test and today I tried doing one of the "Academic Writing" sample tasks. I do not know how to attach a PDF file on this site...

Scientific Writing Help?

Hi all , I would like to know if there is someone who can help me for correcting my english before submission for reviews; many thanks

Can Anyone Tell Me The Meaning Of These...

Can anyone tell me the meaning of these sentences? "The insights of operating the induction motor from the proposed research need to be provided? Are there counter-intuitive...

Can I Say Automatic Instead?


"Should Be Clarified With Error"?

What is the exact meaning of phrase "should be clarified with error"? Thanks. Xenia

Sentence Improvement?

All the time there are a large variety of sounds  to be heard in the forge. a) are many sounds b) is much sound c) no improvement Answer given is (a). Please tell me what...


How would you define media and multimedia in the computer terminology? Thanks in advance

Cover Letter For A Scientific Journal...

Hello Everyone! is it possible to have the following text briefly corrected? Please consider this from the journal website: "the covering letter should detail the reasons why your...


An MFP uses installed software, and the software does not need anything else when it works. But recently some types of software need a server to work. I'd call this software...

Resource Pooling?

pls who propounded the theory of Resource pooling and when? Thank you.


Hello everyone! I have a question about articles in technical texts. Sometimes when we describe something it is difficult to choose between a, the or zero. Someone has any ideas...


Is "in the above" a good English.


cartoons must not contain so many details?

Permit To Join?

Could I join english chat room ? I'm really want improve my english


do anyone know caddillac antique cars well ?


I understand the grammar for single level bullet lists, but have a question when I include a second level. I am writing a technical document, and throughout I have been using the...

Article For School Magazine?

Hey frnds.......!!!actually I hv to present a good article for my school magazine.So plz if someone can help me out in this I'll be more than grateful to you..

'Most Abundant Or Exclusive' - Meaning...

Hello, I've come across a phrase I don't quite understand. Perhaps, it is because I'm no biologist and my familiarity with the terminology is, thus, rather limited. Or, maybe...
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