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Numeric Values?

numeric values in indian currency

Folding Boxes Flattener Stacker Machine...

Hello everyone, I'm not sure whether this question is appropriate in this forum. My question is related to how to denominate a new machine. I've been given a user's manual...

Can I Replace This Sentence?

can i replace this sentence with same meaning "improvement with little added cost. "

Delete A Question?

How I will delete a question after one hour please?

Masters Motivation Letter?

I need a motivation letter for social sciences masters degree in turkey, can somebody help me ?

Looking For A Help?

I help a friend to write a motivation letter to a Chinese university, to read the curse of philosophy. Thanks very much.


Drunk gets 9 months in violin cases what is the lexical ambiguity in this case?

What Is The Meaning Of?

what is the meaning of NP?

Is This Paragraph Will Written?

is this paragraph will written? The ‘2.5G’ system was introduced later and it improved the data rate of GSM and lessened some of its constraints. It added a new packet data based...

Units Of Measurement?

"... time is measured in units of months..." "...length is measured in units of meters..." Why we used plural form "units" instead of singular form "unit" in the above sentences...

Why Countries Do Ratify.. Correct English...

Hi all, I have a question about the next sentence: Why countries do ratify, but some do and some don’t comply with The Palermo Protocol? Is this correct English? And is there...

Computer Programming

I'm confused with many computer programming. There are many languages such as delphi, VB, C, C++, Perl, etc. I'd like to study programming. What kind of languages must I learn...

How Can Our Habits Help?

How can our habits help us better sanitation


Holle,everyone ! Can you tell me how to learn English, and have a better level?

Technical Writing?

Hello, everyone, I have a question about how to write technical writing. Wjhich is about APA style, I think it's difficult to me, If someone who know this question, please reply...

Comparing Old And New Magazine?

hello I want anyone to help me 1- comparing between colors in old and new magazine 2-Content: simple; complicated thanks

I Have Worked As Assisitant?

i have worked as assisitant structural engineer. can anyone please help me how can i prepare exp certificate for that. please.

How To Not Come Across As Rude In Emails...

Hello, I am an entry level software professional working in India and I always feel that I am being misunderstood very often in emails. And it would be great if you all could...

Is This Expression Right? "?

is this expression right? " i dedicate this job to my pure soul mother"

The Word Judge What Does?

the word judge what does mean in this sentence." to judge whether the system is optimal or not"

Teaching Apprach And Method?

hi, I like to know what is the effective technique and the method used in teaching English,

This Is My Paragraph, Please Correct?

oujr solar system includes the sun and all the planets, moon dwarf planets and asteroids that orbit around it the four planets closest to the sun include mercury venus earth and...

Get Off Its Feet?

Hi, Can you tell me what the bold phrase means in the following sentences? Does it mean "develop"? The main idea behind the Flight Plan Towards Sustainable Aviation Biofuels in...

Wat Is The Characteristics Of?

Wat is the characteristics of a good draftsman

"Larger At Risk Of"?

Dear all, I have a question regarding the phrase *"larger at risk of"* I want to formulate that one group has a higher risk of something than the other group. _What is the best...
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