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What Is The Difference Between?

what is the difference between road and street?

Is Or Are Technology?

Hi, please help me with this, which one is correct? 1) Phones are an enabling technology for..... 2) Phones is an enabling technology for..... Thanks.

A Local Area Network (LAN)?

A local area network (LAN) is a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area such as a home, school, computer laboratory, or office building, using network...

What Do You Call It?

what do you call it - capote, splashers, side plate, radiator cowl - all these in one word

Please Correct This?

Repairing water quality equipment The water quality measuring equipment listed below have to be repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will not be able to conduct the water...

Existential Crisis?

What is the meaning of life?

Taylor Swift?

Who is Taylor swifts song "we are never getting back together." About


Can deodorant cause cancer

Adecation And Money Which Is?

adecation and money which is better

Association To The Word 'Witch'?

Hello everyone! Please, fill in a little quetionnaire "Give 5 association to the word 'witch'" You can find it here: [link] Thank you!


You're a software designer. You designed an email app. With the old app, a user can only email sending and receiving, but the new app allows a user to use an address book, to attach...

How Is Your First Job?

how is your first job

Letter Of Motivation

Dear all, I am new in this forum. Last few days I am trying to write a motivation letter for getting admitted in an university. It will be a great pleasure if anyone give me...

Differentiate Between Methodology And...

Differentiate between Methodology and Techniques.


what do you mean by Anaemelous solubility??

Please Correct This?

Request financial support for the establishing 5 granite awareness boards at Andai We, Andai beach management committee is the group formed to look into the matters of the beach...

How Can I Say?

Hi everyone! is correct to say 'I have attended with passion the courses related on this topic'

Articles And Electromagnetism?

I'm not sure about which articles to use in the following statement about electromagnetism and would greatly appreciate some help. Or, are they needed? The x loop with a diameter...

Road Or Way?

Please, fill in a questionnaire for a linguistic research. You can find the form here: [link] Thank you!

Any Mistakes Here?

We noticed that the permit for Sea dumping of your hotel was expired on 15th of September 2015. You are advised to take necessary actions to renew the permit as soon as possible...

Please Correct This?

The application and details provided by your company was accepted on 02/11/2015. Your advised to make payments as per informed you by the letter dated on 02/11/2015 on the above...

How Are They Connected To?

My book says: For large motors, a phase-wound rotor is used, with the windings connected at one end to each other and at the other end to slip-rings,... I assume that the rotor...

Simulation Data Or Simulated Data?

Is it okay to say I compared the simulation data to the experimental data or is it better to say, I compared the simulated data to the experimental data. Thanks Jim

Fallow Me To Anser All?

fallow me to anser all of my qustions please sometims I need grammer help

Pharma Name?

Iam starting wholesale Pharma buiseness FUTURE in the same name may get manufacture my own brands please suggest the good name
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