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How Are They Connected To?

My book says: For large motors, a phase-wound rotor is used, with the windings connected at one end to each other and at the other end to slip-rings,... I assume that the rotor...

Simulation Data Or Simulated Data?

Is it okay to say I compared the simulation data to the experimental data or is it better to say, I compared the simulated data to the experimental data. Thanks Jim

Fallow Me To Anser All?

fallow me to anser all of my qustions please sometims I need grammer help

Pharma Name?

Iam starting wholesale Pharma buiseness FUTURE in the same name may get manufacture my own brands please suggest the good name

What Does Data Mining Is All About Pushing...

while going through data mining . I found a text "Data mining is all about pushing back the gray zone. It's never entirely uncovering the black and white." what does it mean...

Scientific Writing?

check this sentence please: As a result of this study, the proposed system has two-layers: classification layer, and relations layer, which constitutes the basic core of more...

Is My Sentence Correct?

Her stunning voice , her songs will always be one of my favourites.


is " a slight after his work...." write scientific frase?

Usage Of Step Froward?

please check up this sentence...and help to correct it "The injection of these relations directly in the processing levels, steps forwards in the way of lifting the conceptual...

I Want To Ask About?

I want to ask about questions technology

Usage Of "Sophistication" Word?

Is this sentence true: "this algorithm will not lead to the desired results, because of the self-inability in sophistication to understand the scene" i want to say that this...

Looking For An Answer That Makes Sence...

she goes out her mothers tummy to scratch her father's back what is it?

The Phone Call Answering Rate?

At a helpdesk, you receive phone calls. And you answer them. I need the percentage of these: 1 answer for 1 phone call would be 100%, if so, you're a good helpdesk operator. We...

Is There Anyone Know What?

Is there anyone know what does the mean word "terminal"? I sow that word in technical book

Criterion To?

When the current gets below 0.10A, it is the sign that allows you to judge a certain chemical peeling is finished. Is this weird to say?: The criterion to judge the completion...

Reading About The Casting?

Hello, I have encountered some words that I don't understand. Does somebody help me explain the following word? Sentence is like this: "By studying the complete shot profile...


What is the means of I would have had to do

Check Please?

Someone is dealing with a (chemical) solution. He's stirring it now. But the solution splashes and some drops of it on the table. He needs to clean them. And you're going to say...


how do people prepare and make television


largest animal in sea


why should we drink clean water

Cover Letter For A Scientific Paper?

Dear Forum-members, I am writing a "cover letter" for a scientific journal which should accompany my article. The cover must be formal and the target are academic people. Is...

Customer's Network?

Well, your customer has his or her own network. Do you say this one  a customer's network ? We want to say it so especially, when the network isn't ours. If I say it in another...

Since I Moved To My?

since i moved to my new house 15 days ago, i was very busy

When And In A XX Of?

You're going to use X and Y when you dissolve gold. You say: I use X and Y in a dissolution of gold. Is this in a dissolution of X okay?
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