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How To Describe An Icon?

Hello. Could I describe the new Windows icon that lets you know that you have to wait (the old sand watch, now a circle), as : "It is a continuously spinning circle ..."

I Really Want To Understand?

I really want to understand four main points on What's the difference between smart and intelligent?


what does OH stand for?

Operating Handbook?

Please, does this mean that the product itself is converted to adopt this operating handbook? Doesn't make sense to me. Thank you. "This arrangement of the operating instruction...

How Volume Of Water Affect?

how volume of water affect mass in what context


HI help me write an introduction on this topic:challenges and opportunities of business process outsoursing

Has Or Have?

Help! I on composing a cover letter. Would I use has or have? My former employment experiences have prepared me for the aforementioned position-- or --My former employment experiences...

Waste Solution?

There's a solution (liquid) you want to waste/dispose of. My dictionary says waste liquid/waste solution , but are they understandable?

Castle Or Fortress?

Hi all, This is not a grammar question. I wonder which one is bigger. Castle or fortress? I searched the Internet but couldn't find any useful info about it. Thank you.

Asap Need An Answer?

pull back on the throttle what does it mean? It refers to driving a motorcycle.


I don't know how to write a letter to a person i don't know , could you help me?


Hi. If I am looking down an information about a given topic, would I be doing a research? Should the research be implemented with a scientific nature? Thank you in advance.


To whom the term generativism refers?

Check This Translation Please?

Mark Shagal and Sergey Yesenin were contemporaries, which had a chance to meet on several occasions, in spite of different fates. The oeuvre of great poet and beautiful painter...


which one is correct? precision agricultural regulation / precision agriculture regulation? or would it be better to use 'legislation' instead of 'regulation'? thanks in advance...

To Write Invitation Letter?

i have a little problem to write invitation letter. Please help me. I am a owner of web development. i want to send to new customer for create a website. How should i do?

Finding An Appropriate Word?

Hello everyone! I want to find a word to describe my method. It is related to computer technology. In fact, it is a resource allocation method. This method maximizes the number...

How Do You Calculate For?

how do you calculate for density of the population?


May God's peace, mercy and blessing be upon you. I would like to ask ''after your permission'' about PRESENT PERFECT, why I sometimes use it in the science? May God reward you...

Stay Tuned?

is it right to write stay tuned in website regarding other informations that you will add in the coming days or it is better to write coming soon which one is correct or what...

Is The Moon One Of?

Is the moon one of the satellites of the earth? Thank you so much.

Nature Of Duties?

i have been asked to fill in Nature of Duties section. I am currently a lecturer in University. Could you please correct me for the below part. "Giving lecture in Thermodynamics...

Dear Members, I'd Like To?

Dear Members, I'd like to know when the stars can be seen on the moon. Thanks a million.

Martins Construction Corp Dear...

Martins Construction Corp dear Mr Dinesh Kumar , it is out best notice that you're going for a leave from 25-08-2015 to 15 -11-2015 and the companies will...

What Is The Meaning Of?

what is the meaning of project undertaken? is it means to the current project which i am going to do?
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