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Please may you read my poem: Sitting, thinking, waiting, Waiting for your eyes to stumble across the page. The page filled with letters and words, All still until there’s a...

These Quantity Was Dispatch Of?

these quantity was dispatch of other client at thursday.the safety shoe shipment has been clearing in karachi custom house.if today shipment has clear then we dispatch material...

Revision Of A Title?

Hi, could anyone give me an advice how to improve the title of my paper: "Heuristic principles for enhancing of accessibility and usability of web maps"

Learn English With Itunes

There is an article on learning English with iTunes. It talks about iTunesU and podcasts [link] Enjoy!

Would You Please Check This?

Hi, I would be very grateful, if you could check this passage, and correct my errors... I wanted this to be fluent English so if you had any suggestion, it is much appreciated...

Check This Paragraph Please?

Hi guys, Could you please check this paragraph for fluency of language and errors, and suggest appropriate corrections? Thank you. It might be hard for people to recognize the...

Please Check This?

Hi, I was wondering if you could please check this for fluency, and errors, and please give me your suggestions and corrections. Thank you. In the weather forecasting, and natural...

Industrial Techniques?

three disadvantages of the television


Thanking you for kind favour in this regards.


is atlantis true or not

How Would You Name The Road?

Hello. Please, fill in a little questionnare. You can find it here: [link] Thank you

A Speech Influencing Student To?

a speech influencing student to vote for you as a school prefect

Restoring The Server?

You're working for an IT firm. You have replaced an old server to a new one. But troubles happen with the new server, so you want to recover/set up the old server again. Do you...

Which Is Correct Sentence .

which is correct sentence . 1.the important questions are as follows. 2.the important questions are as following.

What Is Better Books Or Internet?

what is better books or internet

Usage Of Seems?

usage of seems

Don't Know If This Is Mathmatical Or Symbolic...

less than or equal to 2 ->infinity+( sun+->Star-10)-?

Adjectives For Network?

There is a network. It is speedy and less costly. Is it weird if I write: A high-speed, low-cost network xxx.... One more question: An adjective 'speedy' is good for computer...

Rotational Force?

Hi! We have a term 'rotational force', which is perhaps a force running something rotated. But 'rotating force' is weird and you don't say so? Do you think 'rotational force'...

Current Flow Vs Electricity Flow?

Hi! We know that we often use current flow (noun). But can you use electricity flow instead of it? Current flow = electricity flow? Current flow is always better? Or these two...

How Can I Get A?

how can i get a laptop for my school work

A Letter?

I will write a letter to my friend for cooperation. Please help me.

4 4 4 4=22 How?

4 4 4 4=22 how??


Airworthiness directives are mandatory, so there is no need for engineering to evaluate the change.

Why Were Tvs Invented And?

why were tvs invented and how was the world like before the invention? thanks for the help
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