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Mathematical Quiz...

By only using mathematical symbols on the left hand side, complete the calculations below. 0 0 0 = 6 1 1 1 = 6 2 2 2 = 6 3 3 3 = 6 4 4 4 = 6 5 5 5= 6 6 6 6= 6 No numbers...

What Is Flexure Formula?

what is flexure formula?

English Language?

My friend offered me a hard drink but I 'denied' it.(a)refused,(b)declined, (c)rejected, (d)no important

Thesis And Report, Difference?

What is the difference between thesis and a report?


This man has good vibes of aesthetic and photographic. Should I use has or have? Is it correct that sentence, isn't it? ...

Job Titel?

how do I translate the german titel "Kraftfahrzeug-Handwerksmeister"

Is Noun Countable Or Uncountable?

Is noun countable or uncountable with which it come with much or many ...

AP, AR, GL Abbreviations. Please Explain...

My company sells the software for creating property management web sites. One of our perspective customers told this: "I want a smooth and easy merge with the word processor...


Are electromotive force(e.m.f) and potential difference same terms?

Two Or One?

Once Edison had marketed his first successful invention-a stock ticker and printer- for $40,000. I'm confused. Are stock ticker and printer two different machines or just one...

What Does Mean?

imagination was predicted by lower levels of shyness and greater prosocial behavior, => if does means that people with bigger imagination are less shy? whereas divergent thinking...

Scots Porage Or Scotts Porage?

Im talking about the brand name-didnt it used to be Scots on the box not Scotts, you tend to notice these things when your surname is Scott. has anyone heard of the mandela...

Which Text Is Better.

I am interested which text is easier to read for you: If a person near you is performing a mental effort, their mindset will automatically intensify your concentration levels...

Enquiry On Fax?

please could any one enlighten me on how to use fax i.d?

Explanatory Correction?

Hello,. Would anyone here like to help me correcting my essay writing? Just the part of explanation because I am afraid I will make some people (include my lecturer) confuse when...


who discovered brazil


what traps the heat that causes the temperature of the atmosphere to rise?

Industry Of A Good Studen?

industry of a good studen

Samsung Galaxy?

Is my phone dangerous?


Hello, Currently I am drafting my SOP. I just want to know about the gramatical and vocabulary mistakes if I have made. Please enlighten me. HERE IT IS ""I had been a struggling...

The Language Of Oil And Gas Industry?

Hi! Reading a paper (the author is unknown) on oil and gas industry I encountered the following sentence: "The method can be extended to predict future well behavior based on...

Which One Is Proper To Use Within Context...

which one would be more natural or better fit between the choices? Or both would go well with the context 1.Looking at the CO2 produced by each type of fuel, petroleum represents...

Motivational Letter?

I would like someone to evaluate or review my SOP for addmission into MS program.

Be Soon Prove Wrong. What?

Be soon prove wrong. What does it mean?

Who Are The Characters In?

who are the characters in minor bird by robert frost
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