I would like to know the logic of grammar of this pharse " Please be informed that"....

I know the meaning of this pharse is "be aware"... please explain .... thanks!

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It is the imperative form of the verb be.
It is a request.

Other examples of be in the imperative are:

Be good, children.
Be quiet in the library.
Be sure to bring your wallet.
Be sure that the door is closed.

Don't be surprised if you get an award.

" Please be informed that"..

Let me add my opinion that this is a hackneyed bit of business jargon. Emotion: crying

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And it sounds a bit snobbish and pretentious, too.

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Could you please suggest a better alterntive for "Please be informed that..." in business? and in casual conversation? Thanks.
Pleased be informed that our prices have been raised by 5% due to market conditions.

Unfortunately, we had to raise prices by 5% due to market conditions.

(formal) I'd like to inform you about the recent price changes. We had to raise them by 5% due to market conditions.
(informal) I'm just letting you know about the reason for the 5% price increase. It was because of market conditions.
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If you simply want to give information to another person without much elaboration, apology, excitement, you can also just say 'Please note . . . '

eg Please note that the time of tomorrow's meeting has been changed from 2 pm to 3 pm.

Thank you, AlpheccaStars and Clive, for your suggestions. I would use them in writing business emails at work.
Thanks, this was really useful
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