bana ingilizce ogretecek iyi bir arkadas ariyorum yardim edecek kimse varmi ? whatsaptan yazarsa sevinirim (Removed by Moderator. Please put any contact information you wish to share in your profile, not in posts)


Hi, jade21. Welcome to Englishforums. You will have to write in English on this forum if you want people to understand you Emotion: smile

Google Translate translates your request as "Is there anyone who will help me look for a good friend who will teach me English?"

If you have questions about English you can post them on this forum and we can try to help you. If you don't know any English, or very little English, you could try Duolingo or Memrise to learn a little English quickly.


Merhaba Jade21,

Biraz ingilizce konuşabiliyor musun?

(Do you speak a little English?)