I have been offerred a place to study BAR at the inns of court.i understand there are four inns of court in London.
they are MIddle Temple, Lincoln's Inn, Inner Temple and Gray's Inn. So, i have to decide as to which one to enter. Which one is the best? What would you recommend? Most people that i asked would recommend Lincoln's Inn. Apparently this particular institution is famous among foreigners. However i dont want that to be a Bar for me from considering other inns.
I have to start applying asap as the dateline to the Inn is on the 31st of May this year.
Very many congratulations, leaestelle! [Emotion: party]

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CONGRATULATIONS [Emotion: party]
I've done a training in the Middle temple, I think it was this one, or may be in Inner Temple, whatever. I have to say that I was well welcomed by everyone overthere, and they were very interested by the fact that I was French.
I think that all are fine. If you want I will look for information for you regarding the Inns I was.
Can I ask you where do you come from? Anyway; still and again, Congretulations
Thank you. any information wud be useful at this moment as i am in dilemma in deciding which inn to enter. many thanks again.

ps: by the way, im from malaysia.