I want to know how to insert a photo in the forum as to show to all the friends out there!!!
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Hey vinodram,

you can host your photos on a photo album sharing website like www.picturetrail.com, which is what I use.

When you've set up your account and uploaded your photo/s to the site, follow the link "img urls", and copy the tag of the desired photo (TAG not URL) and paste it in your thread. Your photo will automatically display in your post. I advise you to set the image size of the photo you're displaying here to medium or smaller. I tried posting mine in large but it looks much neater in medium. This is of course just a personal preference, you can do what you like at the end of the day.

Hope I've been helpful enough. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.
Or you can email the picture to Email Removed to be placed in the 'Photos of the Clan' section.

P.S. Thanks for the info on picturetrail.com Henrietta Emotion: smile A very fast and convenient service.
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thanks Henrietta AND Mike in Japan for your help and i will try both the ideas !!
No problemEmotion: smile Glad I could help. It is a good service, and I really like the website as well.
sorry, I can't post a photo with the TAG address. When I tried to do it, a message appeared telling that it's necessary the administrator's confirm!

What can I do?

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Sorry again! Is it possible for normal users to have a picture as Avatar??

Thanks for your answer! Regards!
Yes. Go to profile, tick "yes" next to "enable avatar", then click the button "browse", find the pic you want on your PC, click on it and press enter, and click "update".
the thing is that I don't have "enable avatar" on my profile nor "browse" or eveything u said! Emotion: indifferent
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