Hello, Those-in-the-Know,

I need instructions on how to place, in a post, a link to another post. I haven't been able to find instructions in the Forum, though I see other members doing so. Paco2004 recently posted links by writing "see this, this, and this"...very neat-- how did he do it? Other versions of a link to another post say "see post (number)". I used to know how to do it on the old forum where threads had numbers, but how is it done now?
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To add a url, click on the icon next to the numbering (1-2-3) button.
Hi Julielai

Such a mellifluous name.

I managed, however, to be confounded by your instruction. I do not see a 'numbering button' on a post, let alone an icon next to it. What I do see on a given post-- in the upper right corner of the blue bar--is a post number.
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You mean you don't have a toolbar with a bunch of buttons on it?

It's this one.

Typed in a hurry yesterday. Sorry

Got it now. Thank you. I was not looking in the 'Reply to an Existing Message' window. Do you think there should be a clue offered in FAQ?
BUT...before I officially try this in a post...clicking on the icon brings up a window with two boxes, one saying 'Type' and one saying 'URL'. If I paste the URL from the post I want to be a link, it inserts the entire URL. How do I get it to be posted in the form I mentioned above?

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Just paste the url to the url box. Be careful not to duplicate the http:// part.
Actually, Julielai, I clicked on 'Formatting Guide', next to 'Emoticons' and used the BBCode Guide. But I still wonder how Paco2004 Under, Underneath and Beneath. did the this, this, and this.

This is the code he used: Look [post=76103*]this[*/post], [*post=91623]this[/*post], [*post=57904]this[*/post]

Get rid of all the *.
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