I hate the preposition in English! lol

I want to say that the product that I'm offering offer the persons the ability to better understand their website visitor/traffic

I'm thinking to say:

Get a crucial insight into your website traffic thanks to ***!

But I would like to know if it is correct, if the preposition is the right one and basically if the sentence means somethingEmotion: smile

Thxs in advance
Your sentence means something, so don't worry about that. You might want to use 'about' instead of 'into'. I'd also think about changing 'a crucial insight'--insight isn't a countable thing in this case, so I wouldn't use 'a'. "Get crucial insight about your website traffic..." seems more natural to me.

One other thing, you wrote: I'm thinking to say. It should be "I'm thinking about saying" or "I'm thinking of saying." 'Thinking about' and 'thinking of' mean the same thing, and they are the standard phrases people use. 'Thinking to...' isn't used.

I agree with you. Learning the correct use of prepositions is tough in any language
thxs nestor, and thxs for correcting my grammarEmotion: wink