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OK, thanks. I get it now. I think I know that company as "Johnson &

Johnson". You're trying to stem the flow of blood with a band-aid. With the amount of blood flowing, you'll need a mop.

What are you on about now?
You try Googling either "Doctor Johnson" or "Dr. Johnson" and tell me what you find. Gawd.

OK, fine! I found some* websites on him. But, still, how do I know that's the right person? Also, some biographical info isn't gonna explain to me *why* anyone would care what Johnson has to say of *why* they'd compare him to Webster? Webster and OED are famous. What's the big deal about Johnson? Try finding a website that will explain *that, why don't you!
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There is no such thing as a question "too foolish" to deserve an answer.

Since you even suggested "if I thought X was obscure", that must mean you did. Especially when you're admittedly a phoney. Well, at least YOU and COOPER can admit it, if nobody else can, which makes the two of you SLIGHTLY more real, in a twisted sort of way. Still, you have a ways to go before you're really "REAL"! Unlike me, who is not afraid to admit when I don't know or understand something. Someone wanna question my education? Fine! But we all knows that I'd be the one winning in a contest as long as youse didn't have yo' cheap-ass Google and online dictionaries and all that other ***! Wit'out that ***, you'd all be MAD stoopeed!
Still, Joey, you might ask us your own questions, get our answers, get to understand them, and save your research for your own private study.

I don't get it. Isn't that what I'm doing?
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I doubt it. Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886 ... Edward Mead Johnson (and James Wood) to make surgical dressings.

No!! I can't believe you don't know what "Johnson & Johnson" is!

Your lack of credulity serves you well in this case.
They make like baby powder and stuff!

Right. That's the company that was founded to make surgical dressings for hospitals using a less expensive process than Lister's. Occasionally, over the course of 118 years, a company branches out into other products.
Is SC Johnson different than Johnson & Johnson?

I believe that that's what I said.
And HTF does any of this involve the guy who wrote dictionaries?

It doesn't. It was a joke that made the apparently erroneous assumption that you have a passing familiarity with 20th-century American culture and would recognize the connection between "Johnson" and "Pledge", a common household product product manufactured by S.C. Johnson. Personally, I'm betting that CJ got it.

You were the one who dragged Johnson & Johnson into it.

Evan Kirshenbaum + HP Laboratories >Of course, over the first 10^-10
1501 Page Mill Road, 1U, MS 1141 >seconds and 10^-30 cubicPalo Alto, CA 94304 >centimeters it averages out to

(650)857-7572 > Philip Morrison

http://www.kirshenbaum.net /
When you find him on the web, he'll often be in the company of Dizzy Dean, Casey Stengel and Yogi Berra (baseball players),

I know who Yogi is. He lives near me.
Dan Quayle (son of a prominent newspaper publisher),

Is he the same "Dan Quayle" who used to be the vice-president? The potatoe dude?
BTW, thanks for the help. I've found some sites, but I'm not sure they'll be enough to explain to me what a "Samuel Goldwynism" is. Unless he's like Yogi...
Wait a minute...the first time the person mentioned the "Samuel Goldwynism", I thought to myself why didn't he just say a "Yogi Berrism", if that's what he was trying to get at. Based on what I know about Yogi & Qualye, and I'd guess Goldwyn, were all those names you listed people who said bizarre things?

That could be. But, I don't get it. Because Dan Quayle only spelt something wrong. Yogi made up funny sayings. Why isn't Bush on that list then too? Am I reading too deeply into things?
At any rate, Yogi is definitely* more famous for saying bizarre things than Goldwyn, so why *didn't the poster use "Yogism"?
Wow! I found some Goldwyn quotes! I like the way this guy thinks! I wish I could come up with such amazing quotes like that!
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She is a bright but not outstanding student. After a lengthy account of all the differences between her experience at Brookes and that in Florida, she sighed deeply and said "It's going to be quite difficult to get back to proper reading and thinking now."

What a HO (both of you). At least WE had the sense not to change our way of speaking and acting to pretension.
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