Read the passage below. Then answer questions about errors in the passage.

1) Well, its another rainy day. I wonder what 2) I will do? First, I think I’ll take a walk around the 3) neyborhood to stretch my legs. 4) Second I’ll cook a big breakfast
5) with toast fruit eggs and bacon. After that, I might mow my 6) lawn; it’s getting pretty long. I’m not sure what I’ll do after that. I guess I should go see my mother. I think she wants me to go grocery shopping with her. I have no idea why she can’t just go by 7) her self. Or, better still, she could ask my dad to go with her! I doubt he will want to go with her though. He 8) doesn’t like going to the grocery store as much as I do!
A. Well, it was
B. Well, it isn’t
C. Well, it’s
D. Correct as is
A. I would do?
B. will I do?
C. I will do.
D. Correct as is
A. neighborhood
B. neiborhood
C. nayberhood
D. nayborhood
E. Correct as is
A. Second will I
B. Second, I’ll
C. Second I’m gonna
D. Correct as is
A. with toast and fruit and eggs and bacon.
B. with toast, fruit, eggs, and bacon.
C. with toast, fruit, eggs and bacon.
D. Both B and C are correct.
E. Correct as is
A. lawn? It’s
B. lawn: it’s
C. lawn! It’s
D. Correct as is
A. themselves
B. itself
C. herself
D. Correct as is
A. dislikes
B. enjoys
C. likes
D. Correct as is

My answers:-

1- C
2- C
3- A
4- B
5- D
6- D
7- C
8- A My teacher said D will be correct.
Ahmed71- C
2- C
3- A
4- B
5- D
6- D
7- C
All correct!
Ahmed78- A My teacher said D is correct.
It is.
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I think the sentence is grammatically correct, however, it doesn't make much sense unless you change "doesn't like going" to "dislikes going". The kid implies that he doesn't like going to the grocery store and then mentions his father, who is also unlikely to accompany the mother there. Therefore, I think A is a better option - just like you said.
Stoyanovit doesn't make much sense unless you change "doesn't like going" to "dislikes going".
It does if you interpret do as a substitute for don’t like going to the grocery store. However, dislikes would indeed be clearer.
I guess also that both
dislikes and doesn't like are right to use
But may be the last word "as much as I do!" give us the correct answer
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Thanks 😘.