Read the passage below. Then answer questions about errors in the passage.

1) Me and my wife are planning to go to our children’s school conferences later this week. We have a son and a daughter. 2) our sun is in fifth grade, and our daughter is in 3) three grade. We have never been to a school conference in 4) united states before. We visited the elementary school when 5) we register our children. We also visited the school during an Open House. At this conference, 6) we will be answering to the 7) teachers, because we are both a little nervous about holding a conversation in English. Our friends have told us that the teachers will show us our children’s work. 8) We hoping we will not have to talk much. We have compiled a list of questions so we will be prepared.

A. Me, my wife
B. Me with my wife
C. My wife and I
D. I and my wife
E. My wife and me
F. Correct as is
A. our son are
B. Our son is
C. Our son am
D. Our son be
E. Our son was
F. Our son were
A. third class.
B. three grades.
C. third grade.
D. third grades.
E. the grade third.
A. the US
B. the USA
C. the United States of America
D. the United States
E. All of the above are correct
F. Both B and C are correct
A. we registered are children.
B. we registered our children.
C. our children done registered.
D. our children got registered.
E. our children became registered.
A. chatting with
B. talking with
C. speaking to
D. replying to
E. A, B, and C are correct
F. Both A and B are correct
A. teachers, rather
B. teachers, unless
C. teachers, so
D. teachers, yet
E. Correct as is
A. We hope
B. We will hope
C. We both hoping
D. Both A and C are correct
E. Correct as is

I'll solve the whole Paragraph, but tell me if I right

1- C
2- B
3- C
4- E
5- B
6- E
7- D My teacher said C will be correct
8- A My teacher said B will be correct
No native speaker would ever start a sentence with "I and my wife." There is no grammatical reason for it, but just like we say "black and white" and not "white and black," the "I" will come after the other subject.

Your teacher is wrong about the best choice.
Hi Ahmed!

I think your answers (1-6) are all correct. Your 7th answer is wrong, your teacher is right. For the final answer, I think you are right, and your teacher is wrong. "We will hope we will not have to talk much" sounds odd to me. "We hope we won't have to talk much" sounds much better.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks my friend for your help ..
I forget to say that my teacher also said that number 1 is wrong and she chose
number D. I and my wife.

What you think.?
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I think you should always put the other person first. therefore I believe "My wife and I" is the correct answer.
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I rest my case (:

I agree with your comments, it's what I see too ..