Hy everyone!

Can someone give me some hints on dental medical terms in english (dictionary ...)
It is usefull to post the links for users registered on a international denstist forum ( www.eugenol.net )
Spell checkers or other tools that can help non english native speakers to post in the forum will be an asset.
Also the medical terms are diferent depending on the specific dental school you attend.
Tough call.
Why they didn't invented internet in Babilon where only one language was spoken. Emotion: big smile
Sorry for my spelling and gramatical errors on this message.
All the best,
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Try this: http://www.glossarist.com/glossaries/health-medicine-fitness/dentistry.asp

or this : http://www.ats-group.net/glossaries/glossary-medical-dental.html
Thank you. It helps.
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You may use babblefish.com a site that can translate almost anything, I have used it translate my site www.AriDubovDentist.info , you may want someone to review your dental site first to make sure all things are accurate. Good Luck.

Ari Dubov
Thank you all for suggestions

I have solved this by changing the script to phorum. This one has a mod for spell checking.
It lacks the graphical interface of the last one but is has more modifications.


Would you like some corrections for your beautiful webpage and forum?

an international dental community which will facilitate professional skills development and aims to build personal relationships between members.

(only dentists or dental students, please!)

english = English [always spell it with a capital letter]

Independent of country titles = Whatever the titles used in different countries,

The rules are common sens in order to = The rules are based on common sense and are designed to

discution = discussion

usefull links = useful links

Compozites = Composites

Patient dentist relation = Patient/dentist relationship

Anestesiology = Anesthesiology

Preventive dentistry = Preventative dentistry

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I think you should used google translator although I doesnt guarantee that it could translate fully as well as babel translator. There are still problems reading languages from Arab countries at the same time Japanese and Korean language. Anyway for dental medical dictionary you use google seach and find some good medical dictionary.
Hi I am a forigen trained Dentist. Looking forward to give my Eligibility Exam conducted by the Asscociation of Canadian Faculty of Dentistry. ACFD.

If there is any one who has given this exam please guide me.

If any one has to sell reading matirial .
I am willing to buy the model question papres also.

thanking you.

Dr. Chirag.
I think you can check the Gloassary of http://www.tipsfordentalhealth.com/dental-glossary.html

Hope this will be helpful for you
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