What does it mean actually? Are the contents different from the original edition?
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Again, I'm confused ???
I think they just like using the word 'international' (tends to be the case!)
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Jacko, some books are published in several different editions. For instance, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is published in 4 different editions:
1. hardback
2. paperback
3. international student's edition
4. special price edition

What I'm interested to know is Are the contents of the international student's edition somewhat different from the ones of the original edition?
I suspect it means that it in some way covers both American and British English.

no difference at all. They have the same exact content.
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I have a few ISE books and am almost positive that the ONLY differences between them and the American versions, are the ISBN, the price, and the gigantic "NOT FOR SALE IN THE UNITED STATES" labels on the outside covers. I have a gut feeling some places produce these books and sell them cheaper so that they have a reason not to buy them back.
No. This is just a device that allows your publisher to publish to market.
Anonymousto publish to market
I have no idea what that even means. Millions of books are not labelled ISE, but they are still published and sold across the globe.
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