Hello EF members,

I am an industrial engineering student.

While i am studying, i am performing a international business job.

I am seeking for people who are executing international trade to chat about Export -import vocabulary, and chat about difficulties of international trades.

We may talk about country customs depends on culture differencies.

And so on.

My contact details are in my profile, just click to my nickname to get contact with me
i added in your msn

hope can talk with you.
where are you from?

i just want to know if we are in the same time zone, or at least know if we can meet each other online when both we have spare time.
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i have added you in my msn, but i found nobody there.
check out my profile

my msn and other contact details are in there.

Email Removed" mce_href="mailto:Email Removed">

i live in Turkey.

What about you?
nobody care my topic?


if you are in international business job or trade so contact to me

we can compare the difficulties that we experience.

ok i am on waiting
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my background spans 30 years in exporting / importing. if you would like to communicate on this subject, please feel free to contact me. i believe in sharing expertise and i look forward to hearing from you. regards, Benita
how could i contact to you?

Salam Bro.

You still doing international trade?

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