In my next topic I want to discuss about the Internet. I guess you use it more or less every day for writing e-mails, and for information.
My questions to you are:

Do you feel secure while you are surfing around?
Do you have any problems with viruses, Trojans, spy ware or junk-mails?
What would you change, if you have the ability?
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Hi Spinnaker,

I am completely happy with the internet. I think it is one of the most useful and important developments in the history of mankind.
Unfortunately, the internet we love is under threat. You see, the big media companies do not have control over the internet the way they do over radio and television, and they want to have control. They lose a greater share of their audiences, to the internet, every day. Have you been following the Net Neutrality issue?
I fear that ANY changes made to the internet would only be playing into the hands of these corporate monsters. Their plans are to have certain 'Zones' set up, and they (the big corporations) would be the gatekeepers. Certain data (the corporate data, or data for which you and I would have to pay extra) would get priority over other data. Slowly but surely, the 'neutral' data (data not within the control of the big corporations, and without 'priority') would be choked out of existance. The internet would cease to be the wonderful vehicle for exchanging information freely, that it now is.

You ask;

"Do you feel safe while you are surfing around?" Yes, I feel completely safe. But I know the wolves (the big corporations who want to take over the internet) are at the door.

"Do you have any problems with viruses, Trojans, spy ware or junk-mails?" I have been using the internet WITHOUT any live anti-virus software for almost thirty years, and none of my computers have ever been infected with viruses. I have, however, found many unactivated viruses on my machines during regular offline virus scans.
I have annoyances with spyware, which is usually planted by companies who want to steal, control, or simply monitor my data and internet habits. I therefore use spyware blocking software to protect my startup files, to protect my system's registry from garbage, and to avoid sneaky programs from installing themselves on my machines. I recommend Spybot, Adaware and HijackThis.
Junk e-mail is another minor annoyance, but it is easily filtered. It should be treated like food given to you by a stranger. Don't taste it unless you are sure it is not poison.

"What would you change, if you have the ability?"
I would like to see the concept of Net Neutrality enshrined (using legislation, if need be) to make sure the internet remains equally free and open to everyone, and to make sure it is well protected from the corporate wolves who want to control it (by way of priority paid data). As it is now, all data is treated equally once it passes through ISP's onto the internet. If gateways (like tollbooths) are allowed to be set up on the internet itself, then the corporations will get their way, and the small fish (you and I) will not have the resources with which to compete with the big companies. Just making and publishing a simple website could become quite an expensive business, and the internet would then be controlled - just like radio and TV.

Don't let anyone scare you into thinking the internet needs to be changed in any way. It works very fairly just the way it is.

The internet is great! Let's keep it this way.
Great article! Well I agree with you... but I use regularly updated firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
I'm not happy with the different programming languages which are all interpreted in another way by browsers (but that's another topic)

It would be great, if there is always a secure connection between the clients and the servers.

With the rest I'm quiet happy.
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It's not an article! I spent a great deal of time writitng it myself!
...but thanks for the compliment. :-)
I guess you are a native speaker. btw: you sad, it's not an article so what is it?
Good question. :-) When we refer to an article, we are generally referring to something that has been commercially published. By that I mean something which has appeared in a magazine, newspaper or similar (for widespread and predetermined mass distribution), and is intended to make profit for someone.


(Other people's mileage may vary)
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So, it is merely a reply.

Or maybe a contribution?

I, personally, do not imagine life without the Internet any more. I use it every day for e-mail, IRC, browsing, forums, dicussion groups, music, instant messaging and as a great source of inspiration for some of my web projects which I am currently working on. The Internet is my everyday routine, it sometimes might even look like having a second-life, but generally I'd be careful with perceiving it this way. The fact is that The World Wide Web is the most powerful and versatile tool humanity has ever created. I might even risk the statement that we aren't even aware of some of it's possibilities.

Do I feel secure while I am surfing around?

Well, yes. Certainly I do. It's because I'm aware of the threats lurking around the corner and watch out for the websites I visit. If a site wants me to give my personal information I always try to check whether it is safe (there are multiple public black-lists on the web)... I'm just trying to keep to some basic security measures.

Do I have any problems with viruses, Trojans, spy ware or junk-mails?

No. I mean... I have had problems with Trojans and ad-ware for a couple of years until I learned how to prevent them. And guess what... The only thing I really had to do is dump Internet Explorer and start using a good firewall! Now the web is working for me like a charm and I don't need to tackle with troubleshooting my computer just because I wanted to check my mail. And I am still trying, unsuccessfully though, to convince my parents to make a change and give Open-Source a chance. I've been using Linux on my older PC for several months now, and I'm very happy with it, but it seems that my "procreators" are simply irreformable.

An if we're speaking of spam, I do receive a lot of it on my account, however it all ends up in the spam folder, so I'm just literally two clicks away of getting rid of it anytime it shows up.

What would I change, if I had the ability?

We don't need to try very hard to change pretty much anything. I think that the Internet is getting better and better every day mostly due to the fact that it's available for everyone, and anyone who is creative enough to start something new makes an important contribution to the whole web community. It's something like a self-improving machine that won't stop once it was started.

On the second hand though, I'd love to bite through the connection wires of some people, to whom the Internet is nothing more than just another place of annoying others, making a fuss and spreading chaos...

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