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Who said it doesn't exist?
Dear Jazz,

It is no different. Love for a person on the internet is love for someone who does not exist. Love for a person in the next house is love for someone who does not exist.

Have a nice day, Emotion: smile
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Could you say why not?
Dear Golmund,
Do you mean there's a ghost living next door?
Or are you fantasizing about a derelict empty house right beside your own?
Hi gold

aha you mean love by net is not different when I love a person next my home, but in one case: if I don't see him, yeah ofcours if I love person by net from end of glob it could be same one who lives next home with love by net. so both of them don't exist in your opinion?!

But in my opinion I can call them semi-exist
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Love only happens once in a lifetime, the rest are just attemps to reach love. I suppose it is easier to keep loving someone on the net as you don't need to be committed.
Mr Maj is absolutely right. Love is not likea job to do one after another. If people make it so they search for satisfaction that they have their love.

Internet is a blind game for love or friendships.If people have met and seen each other and then come to chat than this is exceptional situation could be possitive. but if someone is in the north in the world and blindly chatting with somene who is in south on the earth. So it could be the good game to make fool someone.
I think you can get to know someone pretty well on the net but it will only be real in the real life.
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Dear all,

We only love shadows. Are even we more than shadows? My pet is called Plato.

Have a nice day Emotion: smile

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