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Well, some are supermen. Nietzche. Lol.
(.......in order to prevent immorality.......)

A British government is promoting now, along with the guide dog, the rescue dog and the drug-sniffing dog, the affection-sniffing dog.

When affection begins to grow between the two, the affection-sniffing dogs sense it immediately and bite them.
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You mean between the guide-dog and the rescue dog? Emotion: smile

why don't say that each one loves a computer machine, because he sends and receives from computer?!Emotion: wink

by the way!! why some people addict on love chatting?!
Hi pieanne, jazz,

You mean my use of needs such an interpretation?
Anyway it's more funny.
When I have to talk about , I always quote from Fear of Flying by Erica Jong.

[ Maybe marriages are best in middle age. When all the nonsense falls away and you realize you have to love one another because you're going to die anyway. ]
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Dear February,

Perhaps: «When all the nonsense falls away and you realize you have to love one another because no one else will»?

Have a nice evening, Emotion: smile
Dear Goldmund,

I like your version more: this kind of resignation certainly makes one more generous toward his people.
Although it may be difficult for ordinary people to reach this stage of Enlightenment.

Love your signature.
A nice evening to you, too, Goldmund.
Dear February,

Thank you for your kind comment Emotion: smile

You are right I think. There is a poem, I do not remember the poet, which ends:-

«We must love one another or die.»

Kind regards, Emotion: smile
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Dear Goldmund
It's not bad. It's a pity that you do not remember the other parts Emotion: smile
Anyway I quote again: it's song lyrics in which the word love is used in similar way I guess.

Here's to lights and virtues
Here's to truths yet to be known
Knowledge to light the darkness
The search for things of your own
The pleasure of love and friendship
The courage to be alone.

Best wishes,
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