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Hi, Goldmund!
I think your quote comes from apoem by W. H. Auden.
That was a nice line. Absolute happiness.
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Dear Goldmund, wistiti and maj
I found the whole text here: http://www.donshewey.com/2001_zine/SEPTEMBER_11.html
and found that my guess wasn't wrong (at least I think so).
Thank you so much for your reference.
Dear February,
What a shame it's not the same month as yours! Emotion: smile
Dear wistiti, you mean what a shame it's not February now?
Yes, indeed (I just like the sound of this word). It's too hot and humid now.
I'm really thankful for your reference, you know.
With my best wishes,
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No, I meant the reference!
Silly remark, by the way!
Oh I see!
yes, it is a shame indeed!
(oh I'm sorry I compelled you to explain your nice [8] wit)

With warmest regards,
Even the personal informations given are fake. It's very hard to see a 'serious love' through net.

Just my two cents.
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Dear Bypraveen,

I agree.

«Serious love» is physical. Therefore «Internet love» is always imaginary. Emotion: smile

Kind regards,
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