Hi guys

Is love by internet more fond than in real?
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no, it's superficial..
Yes, and artificial.
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Broadly speaking 'No', but it all depends on individuals behaviour.
I don't care for that kind of thing, most people lie... Yet some real love stories have started that way, I heard.
On the other hand, it comes handy for very shy, introverted people.
But on the whole it must be frustrating.
Yeah I vote with you! but there is stranger feeling. I think coz the net is just heart language, and there are no senses to communicate with just hearts talking, so they fall in perfect imagination with each others and each one thinks that other side is perfect in everything.
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On the whole I think that kind of love quite weird...
So if it doesn't exist why do some people in the USA consider it as cheating?
what do you mean maj?!
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