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Am a new member of the EnglishForward and new to this really. I am looking forward to your replies, so do you think that true love can exist on Internet. Is it a dream? an illusion or reality?
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Well it seems true love can exist on internet and can even lead to marriage! I personally have many friends who got married from the internet, whatever nationality they are, love knocked on their door and their so virutal relationship were not virtual anymore, but so true and real! Wether this marriage or relationship was a succes or not afterwards, that is another story Emotion: smile

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I met my husband over the Internet, but we spoke on the phone the first night we "met" online. I think that any relationship that exists ONLY on the Internet is fantasy. It can be fun, but it's not real life. (However, I would expect that anyone who is in the middle of such a "romance" would deny this emphatically.)
one of my friend met her current husband on the Internet a few years ago.

For myself, i do not believe there is true love existing on the Internet
I met my partner in internet the very first time, then we contacted on the phone for a long time before seeing us. The first date was two weeks after our meeting in the chat room. Internet was nice, but I couldnt believe starting a relationship there... eventually you have to meet each other in the real world in order to start a good relationship.
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hey there,

Thanks for your reply. I totally and fully agree with you!

Have a great day Emotion: smile

Hi ,

Wow this sounds nice! Was your date on internet from the same country as yours? In my case, he is not from my country and we live very very far away...


I think yes! I know a couple who get accquainted throughout a chatroom. They got married 2 years ago and have a daughter now. They have lived in happy. But I don't think all Internet relationships can have a happy ending. It depends! You can meet someone throughout the Internet but after that, you should meet him/her. Maybe there is a big difference between Internet and reality! Anyway, G'luck! Emotion: big smile

Cheers, Emotion: wink
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