I have a question and am not sure where to post it. I thought I'd try here as it does somewhat relate to technology.

I teach intermediate-level English to art students at an art university and I'm always on the lookout for easy readings on fine art, art history, fashion, graphic design, color theory, composition, industrial design, interior design, computer technology or film-making. Many of the articles I see online are too difficult for my students and I was wondering if anyone knew of some interesting and fairly easy readings on the subjects I've mentioned.

Please let me know of any art-related websites you know of that could be appropriate for intermediate level ESL university students.

With gratitude,

Hello Pyewacket

I don't know any specific websites; but I was wondering whether googling on "art forums" or "art chat" etc. would bring up some useful sites. One or two art history forums I've looked at seem to feature discussions at a fairly accessible level. Your students would also then be able to improve their English by posting themselves.

If your purpose is to improve their English, and not their art-related knowledge, you can try Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can find some good articles for an intermediate English student. The following link is taken from there, you can have a look and explore the website for yourself.


And the topics are here, though you cannot call all of them article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Painting_basic_topics

Good luck,
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Thanks, Mr. P, I'll have to try that out.

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This is a great idea, LangugeLover, thank you. The course I teach is intended to improve their understanding of art related knowledge in English so that they can succeed in their art-related courses. So, it's a form of EAP (English for Art Purposes). Though a little difficult, the wiqikipedia seems useful. Thanks a lot.

Hello Pyewacket,

I think your not searched your information well on internet. Friend internet is like a sea. I am sure you will get all kinds information on web. Did you checked the forum websites??? Did you participated forums?? First you have to search your queries through google discussion. I am sure you will get number of current dicussion about the topic you have searched. You can participated those forums and will get replies soon.