guys, please help me correct the following sentences:

1. I read the article ON/IN the internet.

2. I got my resources IN/ON/FROM the internet.
>> what is really the correct one to use (ON or IN) if i use the term "internet"?

3. This is my first project IN/ON Scriptlance that received a negative feedback. ( I believe Scriptlance is an online freelance writing site.)

please help me in correcting the 3 sentences.. PLEEEAAASEEEE!!!

Thank you so much for the help!
If you are talking about a website or the Internet, use ON.

I read the article on the internet.
I got my resources on/from the internet.
This is my first project on Scriptlance (it looks like it's a website).

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I think the following sentences are common for me

1- I read it on the internet.
2- I got the information from the internet.
3- I post it on the web.
and another common sentence for me is  [H]
4- How to publish in wikipedia.
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thank you!

any comments on the third sentence? im still a bit confused...
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