An appealing fantasy would be a great conference of the world's nations where, instead of politicians or statesmen, each country would send its leading humorists to represent it. Instead of an atmosphere of promp and seriousness that would normally be dictated by such an occasion, there would prevail a lightheartedness, with an asssembly of individuals bent on raising spirits instead of suspicions.

Behind it all would be the assumption that very few things in this world so instantly form a common bond among people as laughter. It is a universal language that requires no interpretation.

Does the 'interpretation' here necessarily mean the particular job done by interpretors? Or, does it simply mean 'to explain the meaning' ?
Probably a bit of both, Taka. (Wish you'd fix that quotation, by the way-- it should be 'pomp'.)
I just thought you would need the entire context to tell the exact meaning of the word in question.

Anyway, arigato!