"Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States."
What would be the interrogative form of this sentence if we wanted to know his position in the list of American presidents ?
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There is no set question. This has been asked over and over on all of the English forums on the internet. English has no specific provision for this inquiry. If you would like to post your idea, I will tell you whether it is a reasonable approach.
I think you can ask:
"How many presidents were there before Obama?"
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Question: What number president is Barack Obama?

Answer: He is the 44th.
How about 'How many-eth President is Barrack Obama?

I think this is a serious handicap for English.
AnonymousI think this is a serious handicap for English.
Is it? Really? I manage to sleep well every night despite this serious handicap ... but it might well be because my native language doesn't have one single word to ask what the order or somebody/something in a list is.

Well, that means that at least two languages are affected by this serious fault, I guess. Emotion: giggle
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How about this:
Which ordinal number of President is Barack Obama?
No, that is ridiculous.

My attempt:

"In the order of succession, which Prime Minister was Abraham Lincoln?"

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