Vy: hello and we are an ABC program.

Duong: can you take some time to interview with us

Huong, Phu, Linh, Hoang Emotion: surprisek

Vy: do you have any lovers?

Huong, Phu: no

Linh: I already have a couple of love

Hoang: I just broke up

Duong: So what is your opinion about school-age love?

Huong: I haven't been in a relationship yet, but I think love is a good one

Linh: I also think that love is a miracle. it makes people happy, is the motivation for us to improve ourselves.

Quynh Anh: I don't think so. We shouldn't be in love while we're in school. it only distracts us from studying and even affects our future

Hoang: she's right. After being betrayed by my ex-girlfriend, I found love extremely bad. I spent a lot of time with her, as a result, I lost focus on my studies and failed the important exam. now I regret

Vy: in the future do you think you will change this opinion?

Huong: yes or no

Phu: not

Duong: thank you for participating


What is your question, Cobra Pen?



I don't know if I write the correct grammar? Is my word usage wrong?