Dear All

This is my first time to post here , please kindly give your advise to my question.

As all my education background,personal information and work experience already clearly show in my resume but the interviewer still ask me to introduct myself ?could you give me some tips how to introduce myself.
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Dear Dana.liang,
This falls under the category, which is usually called Character questions. After this question you should always give a positive and shining overview of yourself and relate it to the requirements of the job. Show how your attributes would be of merit to the company. It would be also very good if you could implement some of the phrases from your Resume, particularly from your Objective or/and Summary heading. That will perfectly reflect everything what you have indicated about yourself in your Resume.

Do not forget that you might be asked to give answers on some similar questions. They might be something like:

1. Do you have any background history that we should be aware of?
2. Have your co-workers ever complained about you in past jobs?
3. How well do you foresee problems and how do you tackle them?
4. Do you feel you are organised in the home?
5. Are you able to cope with the type of pressure this job demands?
6. Are you good at dealing with criticism?
7. Is there anything else you feel we should know about you?

...and so on. These are also Character questions. But in general, always be concentrated on the question and try to learn the basics of Socratic Listening, which is very important method for giving a good answer during an interview for a job position.

Hope this was of help to you!

Good luck!

Rade Santrac
Resume and CV Writer

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Dear Rade:

Thank your very much.
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my god , i have the same question ,,that's a headache question,every time when the employer ask me to introduce myself ,i don't konw how to say ,i fell so embarrassed.I haven't found a better solve till now,can you help me ?
You don't have to say a lot. Just practise a few sentences.

Say hello, tell them your name, and then just go on to say a little bit about yourself and why you are applying for this job.

For example.

Hello, I'm Brian Manchester. I've been working in the X industry for over 11 years, advancing from an apprenticeship to managing a branch of X with 15 employees. I recently completed my degree in X, which I studied for part-time while working, and I'm here today as I'm looking for a new position with a larger company.
hello everybody...........

i m chandni kundel.currently i m doing grduation inbsc(athm)from the institute of tourism and future management trends.i did my class xii with commerce stream.itwas fromm that time only tat i wanted to study something from the management side
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First of all say good morning that who are all nearest to yours...and tell about urself...

iam latha

Iam completed my bcom

and i did my schoolings st pauls

and tell about ur extra curricular that u r doing...

like iam doing computer course in appollo or anything that u like

and after that...ur extra qualification

about ur sports or nss or typewriting u r already completed

ur will ask a request and i would like to introduce my family...father:siva and his occupation

and then ur mother home maker and if u have any sister or brother she/he got married

and then ur goal like want to be a manager of ur company after iam appointed within 1year

this is my aim sir that sol
Anon, in our culture, one does NOT talk about one's family in an interview.

As this is an English forum, it would be helpful if you used more standard English, such as "your" instead of "ur."
Hello Sir Good Morning

I am Kavitha i am completed my B.Sc(Computer Science) and
i did my Schoolings RKM School. I am Competed my Typewritting in English.
I would like to introduce my family.....There are two members in our family..
one is my mother(She is Cook in the Hotel Hive) and my-self..

That Sol about myself.....
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